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How long do I have to contest my citation?
How do I contest my citation?
Can I pay first and then contest my citation?
Who will be conducting my Initial Review?
How will I be notified of the determination?
What if I am dissatisfied with the results of the Initial Review?
Per California Vehicle Code Section 40215a.
You have 21 calendar days from the date the citation was issued or 14 calendar days from the mailing date of the notice of delinquent parking violation to contest the citation (Step 1).
Initial Reviews (Step 1) can be requested online, by telephone, by mail or in person.
No. If you pay your citation, you have waived your right to contest it. While contesting a citation, it is placed on a temporary hold and the amount will not increase during this time. Once a determination is made at any level of the review process, the time clock will continue another 21 days to pay or contest further before the amount increases.
The issuing agency (where you received the citation) will review your request. Once a decision is made by the issuing agency, you will receive the results via your chosen method of delivery (mail or email).
You will receive the results of your review via the method (mail or email) chosen when you submitted the appeal.
If you are dissatisfied with the results of your Initial Review you can submit a request for an Administrative Hearing within 21 days from the mailing or email date of your Initial Review results.
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